Friday, October 05, 2007

New Toys!

Because, really, what are needles and yarn but toys?

I caved and ordered a Harmony wood circ:

I don't normally go for wood needles, but these intrigued me, particularly with the reviews they've been getting. I love me some sharp points, no matter the material. I haven't tried these, but they feel very smooth and warm, and I can't wait to finish the HSS2 socks so I can start yet another pair on these!

And speaking of sharp:

KP Options have a reputation for being pointy. These are US 17s. Normally a very blunt needle point. Don't let their bulk fool you - they're just as deadly as the rest of the KP arsenal! Very sharp! I'm starting my brother's afghan on them and have poked my fingers countless times.

I've also started another pair of stockinette socks, in addition to the HSS2 ones:

They're Spunky Eclectic in Berry Pickin, and I think the colorway is best shown off in the simple stitch. I like it.

Too much evening rehearsals, not enough classes, although I was invited to crash a private class on Tuesday morning, which was awesome. This new form is a huge jump in difficulty level! I've been working on it in rehearsal rooms when I get a chance, but I won't get to work with any instructors again until next Thursday. Sigh. So over this whole working thing - it's far too inconvenient!

Now to work on HSS2 some more and watch the L&O:CI season premiere on USA.

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proptart said...

Ooooh, do you love the Harmony needles? I LOVE mine!