Thursday, January 21, 2010


I made you a wildly entertaining, multimedia, Pulitzer-prize-winning blog post somewhere, full of cool things like January Hat Trick Goals and warping boards and attempting to warp a table loom for the first time (Karen, that book ROCKS! Thank you for the recommendation!!) and how I'm so not cool for forgetting about knitting group this past week and can't go next week because of class on base and how I have yarn to get rid of and how I almost have my apartment redone the way I want it and how I'm saving up for a big screen TV because I want something nice to watch the Olympics on (okay, other reasons, too, but priorities!) and how I'm sick of the rain and the power outages (seriously, I've lost power at least once EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It's getting really old!)...

...but I eated it.

*All I have instead is this - California, you do the sunshine thing really well, and are even pretty decent at earthquakes, wildfires, fog, wind, mudslides and floods. However, three claps of thunder and a handful of lightning bolts do not a thunderstorm make. I understand that practice makes perfect, but you've been practicing off and on all week and it hasn't gotten any better. Go back to doing what you're good at, please, and leave the real thunderstorms to the professionals. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Like the professionals in the midwest?