Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been a weird weekend (really long and absolutely no knitting whatsoever)

I think not eating (or maybe drinking water) properly on Saturday is what started it. I just wasn't very hungry all day, did a double rehearsal including the first run of Act I, then went running at the gym. I did my normal run (20 minutes at 5 mph, which I know is slow to all you "real" runners out there, but I'm working on it!), but it was really hard that night for some reason. Normally, I go from running to bag work (only about 5-10 minutes, I get bored on the bags fast without a partner) and then go through all of my forms (except weapons, of course) with the rest of the PT alternated in between each form. That night I did the running, skipped the bag work completely because the running was so hard, and only got about 3/4 of the way through my forms without any of the PT when my brain just refused to compute anymore. I got stuck on a form I never get stuck on (Choong Jung 2, the red and recommended black form, which I know inside and out, as I've tested on it twice) and realized I was just done. I wasn't sore or anything, just really tired. I got home, showered, settled in for the night, and just as I was about to fall asleep, my legs started hurting. The front of my legs, just above the ankle, just hurt to the point where I couldn't relax enough to sleep. I rubbed some IcyHot on them and took some ibuprofen, and was finally able to get a little rest.

Sunday was just a loooong day. My legs didn't hurt anymore, but all of my muscles still just felt tired. I decided to forego the gym Sunday in order to give my body a rest for Monday's classes, but I still couldn't fall asleep until almost 4:00a Monday morning. I woke up, wide awake, around 9:30a for no particular reason, had a bowl of cereal, was up for about an hour and a half, and then crashed again. I didn't wake back up until almost 3:45p! Realizing I had class in less than two hours, I had a pb&j (protein, carbs, sugars), a thing of oranges (more sugars), and a glass of milk (calcium) and felt okay, just kind of like I hadn't completely woken up yet, if that makes any sense. I was also very cold - to the point where I didn't want take my sweatshirt off until right before class started (the dojahng is often warm to the point of boiling, which is probably another reason I love it there - the windows steam up quite frequently in the cooler months). I started the class okay, but even though it was one of the relatively easier workouts, like the running on Saturday night, it was just so hard. I just didn't have whatever it was that I needed to get me through the class - Mrs. S came up about 3/4 of the way through and asked me if I'd eaten that day, because I looked "ashy." (She knows about my sometimes struggle to fuel my body correctly.) I assured her I had, but I just felt like I couldn't warm up - temperature-wise or muscle-wise. Even though I was dripping sweat, it felt like I was trying to do everything in a pool of icy water. Normally if I haven't eaten properly, I get shaky and a little dizzy. This wasn't that at all. After class, Mrs. S told me that next time I wasn't allowed to have regular water in class - she wants me to drink Gatorade or something with electrolytes and a little sugar. I normally drink Propel water during the day, but that has a tendency of coating my mouth, so we'll see. Normally between classes, I'll get an organic shake from Healthy Palate just a few shops down, come back, and either chat with Mel or work on forms on the carpet. Yesterday, I got my shake (it was much colder and sweeter than usual), put on my sweatshirt, and laid down on the carpet with my head on my gear bag (honestly, I really felt like I was back at a swimming Invitational - curled up on the comfiest bit of floor you can find, with whatever you have handy as a pillow, wrapped in sweats that get wetter the more you wear them and the liquid on your body is so cold. It was a little comforting, oddly, and made me smile). It wasn't that I was feeling sick or shaky, again, I was just tired and cold. I felt more alert by the time my tkd class started, but it felt more like being on autopilot than anything else. Not dazed or unclear, I knew what I was doing and why and was even helping a few people with self-defenses and forms, but it just felt like my brain had taken a backseat and was letting the body (and mouth, apparently I was very good on kihaps and counting last night) take over. (Oddly, my techniques felt really solid last night. Maybe I normally need to turn my brain off?) I was still cold, though, and actually did keep my sweatshirt on for almost the entire class, which is not something any of us ever do. I was sweaty, but anytime I went to take it off, the air would just feel like ice on my skin. I kept it on for most of instructor class, too, although it did start to get in the way for forms and I ended up asking Sir to close the door to keep some of the air out. Surprisingly, I did pretty well on forms this week overall. I have never felt that way in class before, though, and this will be the start of my third winter at the dojahng. It was just so weird.

Today, I'm still tired (I slept just under eight hours last night), my hamstrings are a little sore (most likely from the millions of crescent kicks we did last night - I think I might be getting better at them, though!), and I have a good chance of getting tomorrow (Wednesday) night off of rehearsal, so I didn't go to the gym tonight. I don't know if I'm simply over-training (I didn't think I was doing that much, though), or if my already-pretty-high metabolism has just kicked itself into a higher gear due to going to the gym regularly and is burning through things faster, or if it was simply not drinking enough water (I've been so good about that, though!), or what it was (maybe I'm allergic to the MMA class I watched on Saturday morning - I hope not, cuz I'd like to get more involved in it!), but I really don't care to repeat it. I'd like my energy back, too, please!

(And no, I am NOT getting sick. I just got done being sick two weeks ago. Possibly anemic - I haven't taken vitamins in a while - but NOT sick!)

Back to catching up on tonight's Fringe and working on CP2!


otter said...

P,B & J sandwich - 331 cal
1 contai oranges - 70 cal
1 glass milk - 120 cal

1 bowl cereal - 140 cal
w/ milk

total intake calories: 661

Workout w/bag - 15 min = 94
Running 5 mph - 15 min =134
Martial Arts - 2 hrs = 1,277

Total calories burned = 1,505 plus you need more to maintain your body & this doesn't count work.

I think I see the problem, and I think that a PU grad should be able to too.

otter said...

Watch out! Your body will extract it's revenge on you and make you pay.