Monday, October 06, 2008

It is that time of year now...

The first of the rains. For those who don't live in this part of Cali, it's not all sunshine and warm beaches. Only about six months of the year. The rest of the year...well, it's still often sunny, but it also rains a lot. From October to April-ish. It's not too bad, really. It's still sunny quite a bit, just cooler. And wetter. Ah well.
CP 2 is now going well, although the first part dragged like crazy. I don't get quite as much time to work on it as I'd like, but I did get a nice four-hour music rehearsal this afternoon and got a decent chunk done.
I got a membership at the local Gold's Gym this week. They are right next to our rehearsal building, and open 24/7. I've taken to going in after rehearsals at night and running or cycling for a while, then working abs and doing some light weight work since I can't be in class. I love it so far - it's quiet but not empty at that time of night, and I can get in a workout on MY schedule without having to feel rushed or give up anything. Afterwards, I can just come home, take a warm shower, and crawl into bed. So far this week, I've ran almost 4 miles. My pace is still kind of slow, but I'm mostly working on endurance. I've done two 15-minute nonstop runs (one was a random hill course, which was okay, but hell on the quads!) on Wednesday and Thursday, 5-miles of cycling on Friday, and then 20-minutes of cycling followed by a 20-minute fast walk last night, with almost no soreness at all. I decided not to go tonight, to give my legs a break before classes tomorrow. I still vastly prefer being in class - for one thing, the air conditioning in the gym screws with my perception of how hard I've been working, and few things are as fun as working out at the dojahng - but this is an acceptable alternative. (I did see part of their "kickboxing" class when I was given a tour before I signed up.
Anyway, I am definitely looking foward to class tomorrow, although the Vikings are playing the Saints tomorrow night. Sir is a huge Vikings fan. I am currently a big Saints fan (Drew Brees will always be my QB!). So we'll see how that goes....hmm...

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