Thursday, May 07, 2009

KnitFringeJobFIGHT...and the evilness of homework

Hmm...not much going on this week, hence the lack of posts.

I'm seriously battling a bad case of startitis. I don't even know what I want to start - socks? Modifying a supercute retro halter top pattern? A new sweater? I just want to start something, but I also want to get Becki's blanket done. It's officially hit the "ugh, there are still six and a half more stripes and every other row increases eight stitches, so I have, like, ten thousand stitches per row right now, isn't it over YET?" stage. I'd also love to get the Card Trick scarf done, but I can't until I get my paws on one more skein of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran in colorway #11, which of course is discontinued AND I am currently completely broke and can't justify spending $20 to get one skein of yarn here (my birthday present to myself was the Copperfield ticket, so I can't use that as an excuse either). So that one actually has an excuse to be hibernating, even though I really really want to work on it. The blanket...well...once I get the massive amounts of homework on my desk done (including yet another term paper/presentation), I'm going to have a massive Fringe marathon and hopefully get it knocked out by the end of the month.

Btw, without giving anything away, can I just say that this week's episode ROCKED? So many questions, so many "no WAY"s, so many giggles - the whole Star Trek sequence (the first link is an interview with Leonard Nimoy and the second is the start of the amusing episode sequence - fast forward to about 2:55 for the actual scene to start, although the audio is a little off, sorry) had me ROLLING...I can't wait for the finale next week! So glad Fox was smart enough to pick it up for a second season, too! Yay!

What else? Oh, I have another interview tomorrow afternoon - at a car dealership, of all places. We'll see how THAT goes! (Hey, maybe they can fix that scrape on my passenger side that some idiot gave me in the parking lot!) I really want a job for my birthday. That would be nice. Or a rich, handsome prince. That would be cool, too.

I have a massive bruise on my bad elbow thanks to sparring Mr. M and Sir on Monday night, and getting partnered with Frank on Tuesday didn't help it. Frank has a hard head. Classes have been oddly easy this week - not that they haven't been working me, and I've been tired, but not dragging, which is cool. I got partnered with Mr. R for kickboxing yesterday, was able to go through all ten of my forms last night in tkd (apparently I need to work on tempo and slowing down my forms for testing, though), and eventually figured out at least the technique of the jahng bahng drills in instructor class, although apparently my style leaves something to be desired in that weapon right now ("it's not haganah, Katie, you're not trying to kill the guy with one shot....this is the 'arts' part of 'martial arts.'"). Kickboxing and haganah tonight, then the weekend break.

Now back to working on the homework for this evil, evil class. I think this course could be really interesting and superinformative and useful, and the prof is nice...but he doesn't TEACH us anything and it's gotten to the point where I'm so frustrated with trying to figure out what on earth is going on that I'm pretty much done with it. I've only been able to complete 1.5 homework assignments in the past week and a half, because I can't find the answers in the lecture notes, video lectures (which he gave us to watch at home and then makes us watch in class, too!) OR textbook. I have another 3.5 assignments that are supposed to be due on Saturday, plus the term paper/presentation that is due next Saturday. Mrph. We'll see. The good news is that registration starts next week for the summer term (oh yeah, it'll probably be August now before I can go to Basic), and that class is going to be taught by the general who taught ASCI 512, so that's cool.

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