Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Pile It On!

Me: So, should I keep working on the Songham form or focus on learning the new form? What should I focus on?

Sir: Well, the one is muscle memory. You already know it. Keep working on that one.

Me: But we're going to be working on the new one in class?

Sir: Yup. You know what? The midterms will depend on how much of it I know, so I'll let you know. Work on both of them.

Me: *mental facepalm* Cool!

Sigh. I'd been hoping to be able to test for my second degree before I left for Basic. I have one more midterm before my rank test. Not only have I been working on a new weapon form, but I have a new open-hand form to learn now, too! Doesn't look like I'll be midterming or testing again any time soon. Although, in all fairness, I think I have 95% of the form already. We've gone through about 3/4 of it in class already, and I know the next sequence is just the reverse and repeat of one of the earlier ones. There's just one sequence at the very end that Mr. R showed me tonight while I was waiting to talk to Sir after class that I hadn't seen at all. It includes what I would call a "ground windmill", which looked really hard, but then he showed me how to do it and it was super easy. That's the kind of stuff I like about these forms, though. They're pretty easy to pick up and they feel very natural. And, like I said, they look pretty cool. I'm totally willing and excited to learn (and possibly midterm/test) with either or both of the open-hand forms, so I'm making sure that I write the new one down as I learn it, in case I don't get to test before I leave. I want to be able to remember it!


Amanda said...

Do they realize we've got a war going on and if people WANT to go to basic, maybe they should be able to go to basic?

Ah, gov't at its finest.

Kadiddly said...

No kidding, right? Particularly since every time I'm with the unit, all I hear is how badly they are understaffed.

However, if I went active duty, I'd be able to go next week, no questions asked. (Of course, then I couldn't be guaranteed the same job or where I'd be stationed, so I'll stick with this plan!)

Gotta love bureaucracy =P