Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Honest Hours

Sorry, no pics or anything fun this week. I've been slowly readjusting to working days again. Getting up hasn't really been too bad, but going to sleep at a reasonable hour has been. I'm just hardwired to be sleepy around 2:00a, which doesn't work out so well when you have to get up at 7:00a. (Okay, so I usually don't get out of bed until 7:15a or 7:20a, because I take my showers at night after class. That way all I have to do in the morning is wash the face, brush the teeth, put on makeup, get dressed, and eat breakfast. The hair mostly sort of complies.) The work itself has been interesting. I'm learning far more about enlistment and retention paperwork than I ever really wanted to know, frankly, but it's always cool to be able to help out and feel useful again.

It's also been nice to get to work more with the full-timers down at the 216th. They're going to TRY to get a special Space 100 class (my first tech school) set up that is entirely ANG members (both 216th and 148th). IF they can get it set up for November, like they really want to, the 216th is going put as much pressure as they can on the 148th to ship us two non-priors to Basic around the end of this month. On top of THAT, being in the know with the recruiter means that I found out that there was an officer slot that opened up in the 216th and I was encouraged (and did) apply for it. I don't have any real hope of getting it (although the recruiter really wants me to, and a couple of the officers have already asked if I can stay at the 216th), but I know the two officers that, should I get that far, I would interview with, which is nice.

And I really thought this was amusing. Recruiter is out of the office tomorrow and so we made up a to-do list of things that I could handle while he was gone. One of the big things? Creating briefings for the student flight for drill weekends. I'm creating the presentations that I'm going to be sitting through!

Not a lot of knitting this week - just haven't been home or awake long enough! On base for nine hours, either come home and change or go straight to the dojahng, double classes, light dinner, and then trying to relax enough to crash (which I should be doing now). I now understand weekends a little more, ha!

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