Saturday, October 28, 2006

Feel Free to Add to the List

Things I've Learned From My Needlework:
  1. Every little bit really does count.
  2. Just because you don’t see or feel progress doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You might just have to focus on something else for a little bit to see it.
  3. Both God and the Devil really are in the details.
  4. Sometimes things just don’t make sense or seem to have any particularly special results until after you do them.
  5. If it’s not turning out the way you want it to, and you can’t fix it, frog it and try again. If it still isn’t working out, either adapt or find something different to do. You can’t force something to be what it isn’t.
  6. Patience is a virtue.
  7. Just because lots of other people who have similar interests as you like something doesn’t mean that you will.
  8. Practice does make perfect. Having a natural skill and/or a drive to learn also helps.
  9. Breaking large projects down into pieces or steps makes them not seem so huge. A large afghan is either one pattern or lots of smaller chunks of patterns. A shawl is a bunch of pattern repeats. A sweater is a back, a front, two sleeves, and a neck. A 2ft. square cross-stitch of a Precious Moments Noah’s Ark consists of lots of pairs of animals and a boat. Eat the elephant a bite at a time.
  10. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If it isn’t up to your standards, it will bug you every time you think about it, and who needs that kind of annoyance? On the other hand, nothing is perfect, either, so give yourself some slack.
  11. Always go back to the basics. When it all comes down to it, even the most complex lace or cable knitting is nothing more than knit and purl stitches. The most elaborate cross-stitch is still just a bunch of x’s and /’s.
  12. If you don’t learn the basics and make a habit of using them properly, nothing you ever do will turn out the way you expect, no matter how carefully you follow the instructions.
  13. Everyone has different standards and tastes, but no one should ever look down on you for yours.
  14. Just because you think something is special doesn’t mean anyone else will.
  15. If what you are doing “to relax” is stressing you out, stop.
  16. Just because you CAN make something doesn’t mean you SHOULD make something.
  17. Everyone has some kind of idiosyncrasy when it comes to their crafts. Including you.
  18. When you are taking a break from a project, actually walk away from it.
  19. Chocolate and fine wine are both great restoratives, but can also cause lots of problems.
  20. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
  21. Buying the best you can afford is bullshit. Just because a something is expensive doesn't mean it's any good. If you like it and it fits your needs and desires, go for it.

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AR said...

You're right! How's your Chinese Cross-Stitch coming along? I bet it'll be so gorgeous when it's done!