Thursday, October 12, 2006

No Progress, No Pics

On, well, anything, really. Some on the CDT, but I've had two people tell me that maybe the colors I picked don't work so well. The yellow apparently is not in the correct tonal world as the rest. I've looked at it, I agree, and decided that, for now, I don't give a damn. Note that I am reserving the right to frog it all back at some point in the future. I've accepted and admitted that I'm in a fiber funk right now. No work has been done on anything else, though I have thought about it. It just seems so...difficult to pick up the needles right now. I need to take one of these two at a time socks off the needles and put it in my rehearsal bag instead of the CDT. That would be the smart thing to do. I love doing socks two at a time, but it is SO SLOW! I really don't understand why.

Oh, I did find The Dress I Must Wear For Opening (since I can gloat and sit in the audience Opening Night for Seussical - one of the perks of this whole two stage manager deal), but I really need to work on my legs before hand. They just aren't really toned enough to show off in this dress. To help with this (not the only exercise, but definitely the most interesting to me right now), I got one of the balance balls the other day and have had fun playing around with it so far (wow, can I feel it in my back and abs!). It's a lot of fun, but the dvd that came with the ball that showed you how to properly use it and not injure yourself doesn't work on my computer. After various negotiations with the company and me stressing how disappointed I was in this, they are sending me a new copy of the dvd. I hope that one works, I'd love to learn to properly use this instead of the random stuff I've cobbled together. It's been great as a substitute desk chair, as it really makes you aware of your posture! I've been trying to use it as that for an hour or so everyday.

Teddie doesn't like it so much, as it is much more difficult for him to sit on my lap when I'm sitting on it. He's become a lap kitty all of a sudden lately. Not that I'm complaining, but I'm not sure what's up with that. Maybe it's the changing weather. I'm thinking of getting him a playmate, but due to his maturity, am not sure if that is a good idea or not. He just seems bored now that he's over his allergies and feeling better.

Two guys on my mind lately, one really distant and one not so distant but not convenient either. I'm just mostly enjoying the idea that other guys interest me again, as even a month ago, the idea of being around another guy in any kind of romantic sense made my skin crawl. It's fun to crush on guys again. There's something in the water or something, though. I know of five long term couples (two years or more) that have broken up over the past four months. Anyone else notice this?

Family is coming out to visit this weekend (I think). I suppose I should clean the place, huh?


Kim in Oregon said...

Hi--thanks for pointing me to the pic of your rogue-i-p. I love that cable pattern, and I'm so looking forward to getting there (just finishing the hem).


Amie said...

It's the cooler weather. I can't sit down for more than 15 seconds without having Trevor and Aslan fight for the prime real estate that is my lap.

If you do get Teddie a friend, see if you can set up a meeting with them first. I've heard tell that the opposite gender is more easily accepted, but the easiest transitions for me have always been opposite species - if there's a way you can, you might get him a puppy, which he will have trained up in no time. Otherwise, even cats that don't get along (like my guys) keep each other company and give each other exercise. Feel free to drop me a line if you're getting more serious about a new friend...

AR said...

Have a good visit with your family! I think the only time my house gets a good cleaning is when family comes to visit! LOL