Saturday, May 10, 2008

A day for the important people ;-)

Murphy's Law really is the most annoying thing ever. I really wanted to send Mom a bottle of Tolosa Chardonnay, but since I had other things to send also, I didn't want to just order it and have it shipped straight from the vineyard. After realizing that I just wasn't going to get enough time to get up to the vineyard to get the wine, I gave up on the idea and just shipped the rest of the stuff. Today, I walk into the grocery store not even a block away, and about five varieties of Tolosa's wines, including the beloved Chardonnay, are on a "Now Proudly Carrying" display front and center. You'll have to come visit to get your wine again, Mama. I know it's very hard to convince you guys to come to California, so I'm not above using a bribe. Twist, twist.

I'm never sure which is more fair. That I have to give a gift to my mother on my birthday in honor of her becoming a Mother with my birth, or that she has to give me a gift on Mothers' Day, because without my birth, she would not have become a mother. Either way, I'm sure we both ended up with the better part of the bargain.

Here's to a young woman who has done things the hardest and most impulsive way possible since the day she was born, and here's to the mother who has lived through her antics these past 27 years.

I love you, Mom.


otter said...

Here, here!, we have a bottle of Tolosa Chardonnay right here and tonight we'll drink a toast to you with it.

I love you, babe and I'm extremely proud of you. Happy Birthday.


Coleen said...

Happy Birthday!!