Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tech has eaten me, and other minor things

Just a quick note to let people know I'm alive. I really haven't even been reading anyone else's blogs lately, either, although what I have read seems to indicate that most people are just as busy as I am, since they haven't had any new posts either.

We're opening Hot Mikado Saturday night (tomorrow for me, since I haven't slept yet). It's wicked fun and I'm really proud of it. Production photos are up here. Our set is like a page out of a giant coloring book. I love it! We had our first real audience tonight, and they made it clear they had a good time from the very beginning, which was awesome. It's pretty rewarding to see that the two 15+ hour days and the two 13+ hour days I've put in so far this week haven't been completely in vain. Now just two more 12 hour days to go and then we get a well-deserved day off. Oh yeah, and we teched the entire show in less than nine hours. Coulda knocked me over with a feather! And, can I just say, my ASMs rock. Not only are they good at their jobs, but they are also people I enjoy being around, even after a 15 hour day. It's nice on so many levels! I'm definitely buying them drinks tomorrow night!

Let's see. I don't have class this Monday because of Labor Day, but I was able to talk Chrissy into letting me have Tuesday evening off from callbacks, so I can at least go to FIGHT this coming week. I finished my form this past Monday, and Sir said he'd start teaching me my weapons next time I'm in class. (I REALLY hate being back down to one night a week!!!!) He also said he'd look at his schedule and see if there are any times during the day that he might be able to come and "just happen" to unlock the door for me so I can have somewhere to work on my forms. The new class schedule there starts Tuesday, so we have to wait for that to settle in with everyone first, but he said it should be possible. There are two kind of big changes. The first is that sparring is back in the dojahng on Friday nights now. The second is that sparring is later on Friday nights than before because they are adding in an aikido class on that day! Gil, who is a black belt in it, will be teaching it. I'm excited, even though I can't start it until November.

There's a fight at the casino near the end of September, too, that I know people are going to (at least Mel and Ma'am are going). I can't make the fight, as I have a show in Solvang that night, but we're hoping to meet up for drinks or something afterwards. Should be fun. I went into the dojahng over dinner the other day to deal with some contract stuff, and ended up talking to Mel for about twenty minutes instead of eating. Oops...

I did not get the rest of my Olympic knitting completed. I still have about an inch and a half on the sock leg, and haven't gotten to touch the Tumbling Blocks scarf. Tech kind of got in the way of that. Again with that work thing being really inconvenient!

Have not gone out with Cute Guy pretty much since July. We keep saying we need to go out again, but it just hasn't worked out. He's going to be working on some other shows in the area for a while after this one ends, though, so there might be a possibility. I kind of think that's probably pretty much done now, though. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm out to try to get a decent amount of sleep and still wake up early enough to grab a rehearsal room before tech to work on forms, if one is open. I haven't gotten to all week because of my own rehearsals and classes, and I REALLY need to! Two weeks out of tkd class is two weeks too many!

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