Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pics as promised!

First across the finish line was...Boatneck Bluebell!

Pattern from Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits. Yarn is Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic) in Berry Blue. I like it, although if I made it again, I'd add another inch before starting the ribbing on the body. I haven't worn it other than to try it on yet, it's a tad heavy for the weather right now, but I'm hoping to soon! I think with a good bra the body will fit fine, but we'll see.

My new sweater was followed a few days later with...the dropped lace stitch scarf.

Pattern by Dee Jones for Mountain Colors. Yarn is Mountain Colors Twizzle (85% wool, 15% silk) in Sweet Pea. The picture doesn't show off the stitch pattern very well at all, but actually this was a pretty quick knit - worsted weight yarn on US 10 needles. I just put it down for a few months at a time. I really cannot say how much I love this yarn, though! It was so soft and squishy to work with, and got even softer after washing and blocking. Fabulous! Can't wait to wear this scarf! (Okay, so actually, I didn't wait - it wasn't completely dry, but I took it to rehearsal Saturday so I could finish unravelling the dropped stitches. It was just a bit damp, but good enough!)

Next up is the second of the Wendelin socks. I did end up frogging the heel (again), and when I went to re-knit it, I realized that the reason I'd made such crazy mistakes with it was because I'd started doing one type of heel then switched for some reason to another type halfway through it. Short row and gusset heels don't mix well. At least, not the way I was trying to combine them! Now all is back on track, though, and if I did nothing but knit tomorrow, I could probably finish it then. I probably won't, but it's possible.

Last up, and the one that will definitely take up the most time, is going to be the Tumbling Blocks Scarf. Cashmere laceweight is heaven to touch, but does not knit up particularly quickly on US 4 bamboo needles. I really don't like the needles, btw, but I'm a bit worried that if I change to my favored Options, my gauge will change too noticeably. Plus, cashmere and slick metal don't sound like a good combination. I kind of wish I had a Harmony wood needle for it, but oh well. I'll make do.

And, remember how excited I was about these guys? Well, that particular pattern just so happened to be in my mailbox the other day! Thanks, Mom! It's taking a lot of willpower to not make one immediately, but I don't have quite enough black and white feltable yarns right now, which forces me to be good and finish my other projects first. They're awfully darn cute, though!

I did get to help with Day in the Park today for a few hours before rehearsal. It was fun. Mr. R led some of the Leadership kids in a short demo, and then we had a booth where kids could come and learn to punch and do an easy board break. I mostly watched Sir, Mr. R and Ma'am work with the kids and help keep equipment organized while I was there, but it was still fun. I got to spend a tiny bit of time with Mrs. S again, which was nice. She seems pleased that I'm hoping to get reinvolved with kickboxing, and encouraged me to watch and learn from the instructors this morning, although I did get a "Well, I'm pretty sure I've seen YOU there on Mondays and Wednesdays, too," from Ma'am at one point when I was trying to decide if a kid was really interested in trying out a board or not and asked her to go talk to him.

Ma'am and I saw a gorgeous dog there today, too - calm, friendly, completely gentle, five months old, and paws the size of salad plates. Purebred Great Pyranees. Beautiful coloring, and literally sat almost to my waist. At five months! That's going to be one HUGE dog someday! Just from a brief interaction with him, I'd say they have the intelligence and friendliness of Labs and Goldens, but just don't really feel the need to get excited about much of anything, not even retrieving or running. I guess when you're that size, there's not much to get excited about!

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Christina said...

Your sweater looks beautiful -- I'm sure it will look great on you.

The Pyr you met sounds very similar to my cousin's Newfoundland, Katya. She was a wonderful dog -- mellow and gentle, devoted to her family and a great swimmer!