Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Remember how I posted that I was having trouble adjusting to the learning pace of my new tkd curriculum? It was so slow and all? As I was leaving after class last night (which felt really good, even with kickboxing, and I nailed all five of the color belt forms we worked on, including the two I so royally screwed up last week!), I got into a discussion about my upcoming schedule with Sir. I guess normally people are expected to know to the second kihap (the halfway point) of the regular form and I think part of the weapons form for their first midterm. I have seven more moves to learn tomorrow night and then I'll have the entire form. I might start weapons tomorrow, which means I will probably learn the whole thing by the end of September. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, and including the fact that starting next week I'm back to only Mondays until after White Christmas opens in mid-November - sighcryweepsobboohiss! - he's expecting me to be eligible to midterm in October! Boggle! HE thinks I'm working extremely quickly!

I don't want to be totally gone again for the next two months just as I've gotten back into the routine, mostly because I know myself and I have a really hard time working on forms on my own because it's such a hassle to find space to do it. I might ask if there is a time I could come in either for a private lesson, or just come in and work on my own. I doubt there is too much free time, and the private lessons can add up quick, but it'd be really awesome to have just one extra day in there a week. Particularly since I'm not only giving up half of my tkd and kickboxing, but also all of my haganah for the next two months. NOT a fan! (Frank swore tonight that if I wasn't going to be there, he wasn't going to come in either - "I don't like the new girl. She doesn't hit very hard!" She JUST started this week, and I assured him that she was in kickboxing too and we'd whip her into shape soon enough if she stuck with it.)

I did strike a deal with Chrissy, though. If our evil plot goes as planned, which I'm pretty sure it will, as our interns rock so far, I will call all of the Thursday morning brat mats for the run of White Christmas. In return for letting her sleep in and save on gas, she'll call all of the Friday night performances. Which means...once that show opens, I can go to class five nights a week AND to Klondike's after sparring on Fridays! Muha! She wanted to know why I wanted Friday nights off, if I had a hot date or anything. Yup! With my sparring gear, a hot pizza, and a cold beer!

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