Friday, December 19, 2008

Reading Patterns...

...helps. Particularly when you're almost halfway done with a portion of a project, and thinking to yourself, "You know, self, the first time I did this, I was pretty sure the diameter increased by this point. Maybe I don't remember correctly." 52 rows in, I happened to glance a the pattern again, just in case. "Inc 1 st at beginning of row, work to first marker, inc 1, sl marker, work Chart, sl marker, inc 1, work to end of row, inc 1 st." Four increases every six rows, nine times. Yeah, I'd been doing two increases, and the chart itself has some decreases worked into, over those 52 rows I'd been doing, not only had I not been increasing, but I'd actually ultimately wound up with FEWER stitches total. Sigh.

FROG! How many days until Christmas??

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