Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things to do before the holidays...

1. Get a kitty sitter for the time I'm in Illinois (check - bribing neighbor kids is surprisingly easy)

2. Clean the apartment (sort of check)

3. Set up phone with mp3s for travelling (check)

4. Finish CP3 (almost check - cast on for the final portion of it today, we'll see if we actually make it)

5. Knit a pair of felted clogs (nowhere near check - possible, but not probable to have done for Christmas)

6. Pass the ASVAB with flying colors (check - the recruiter was practically drooling, and I even got a mock marriage proposal out of the deal)

7. Get a job (sadly, not check and it's getting frustrating)

8. Get financial aid sorted out and register for classes (close to being check)

9. Pack for Illinois (like that's going to happen before, oh, three hours before the flight on Monday)

10. Finish Christmas shopping (maybe I should get on that...)

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