Tuesday, January 06, 2009

In a Nutshell

1. Triple classes for the first time in two weeks are hard. Particularly when the kickboxing routine gets changed to include running. RUNNING! Argh! I'm totally keeping my mouth shut about what I think my sports-related weaknesses are from now on. (It's only 2 minutes at a time, which, honestly is not a big deal at all. I just really hate running and feel obligated to complain about it.) Anyway, between regular classwork, including not just the running but also a wonderful new backkick glute-working move and getting disarmed by both Sir and Mr. R several times - real good on the elbow, and helping Chrissy move (again), I'm going to be surprised if I can move tomorrow.

2. Due to helping Chrissy move, I now have a table and set of four chairs, at least until she can get a place they fit into. It's kind of nice. Teddie agrees - he's been under or on top of the table since I got it put back together.

3. Going to LA for the end of this week. Doing a small show with John this weekend in La Habra. Mostly helping load in/out, but it will be nice to see everyone again. Also, since I'll already be in LA, I'm going to do my physical at the MEPS down there on Friday. Should be interesting, particularly the whole getting up at 4:00a thing.

4. Still job hunting. Of course, the employment agency I talked to back in October now can't find my resume. Argh.

5. Made sugared pecans and what we always called "puppy chow" - Chex mix covered in chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Yum!

6. Started watching the BBC's new(ish) Robin Hood series (the one Kelly got me for Christmas). It's actually really good. A few anachronisms, and quite frankly, Marian isn't hot enough to be with such a drool-worthy Robin, but her character is cool. The Sheriff is the "omg, you did NOT just do that, what kind of reprehensible being ARE you" evil, but the most interesting character to me is the Sheriff's underling, Sir Guy Gisbon. He's a baddie, don't get me wrong, but I'm thinking he either actually does have a conscience buried somewhere and/or he's totally got his own agenda. I'm really interested in seeing where his character goes.

7. Think I found the pattern I want for Beck's baby blanket. Just have to finish Kelly's slippers first (WHY are these slippers suddenly so evil?! WHY?! I've done this pattern a hundred times...well, okay, seven times working on number eight). I'm also oddly in love with the cardigan on the front of the new KnitPicks catalog. Although I think I would do the waistband in cooler colors. Must...not...start...new...projects...or...buy...yarn!

8. I got all of my new wallhanging things hung today (two posters, three sketches, a quote plaque, and collage)! Yay! Love them - it's almost like someone might live here now! The shuttle launch obviously goes right over my desk. Can't wait to start classes!

Anyway, since the cat is alternately chasing his own tail and sleeping under the table, and I, weirdly, have nothing to do tomorrow except laundry and class, I'm out. (And no, I'm not doing any resolutions this year. Clearly, I have enough challenges already to face this year and I see no reason to voluntarily add to that tally.)

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