Friday, January 30, 2009


Getting ready to start my second ERAU class (Space Launch and Mission Operations) tonight. This one intimidates me a little bit, for two reasons. One, the prof is a retired Marine Corps general, test pilot, and was the administrator for NASA's Space Flight division for 19 successful missions. If this guy doesn't know what he's talking about, I don't know who will. I'm a little scared of him by reputation alone! I know he does have some sense of humor, though, from the stuff he's already shared on the class website, so maybe he won't be totally terrifying. Two, we're going to be going through an AWFUL lot of material AWFULLY quickly. Unlike regular classes that are spread out over an 8-week term, this class is broken into two weekends. Basically, we have 21 hours of class this weekend, then have a month to study for both the midterm and the final exams and prepare an oral presentation, which will also all happen in one weekend at the end of February. Plus, we get out of class tonight at 10:00p, probably will make it home around 10:45p (allowing time for questions afterwards and driving to SM) and then have to be back on base by 8:00a the next morning. I really hope we don't have any homework tonight due tomorrow! I keep reminding myself that it's an intro class, and the sheer number of topics we have to cover aren't going to allow us to go into too much depth in any one thing. I guess I'll know more after tonight. (And all this is on top of the slight nerves I have about my first drill weekend, which is next week!)

In other news, my job at the bookstore was supposed to end today, but they asked me to come in for a few mornings next week to "help things get settled back down" so I guess they kinda like me (even though I haven't been able to balance my drawer for three days in a row, ugh!). The sampler purse thing with the Philosopher's Wool woven Fair Isle technique is perfect for laundry quarters if you CO 1/2 the stitches. I had a mild case of both startitis and colorworkitis earlier this week and that little project seemed to satisfy both perfectly. I'll post a pic someday. I now have a vague inkling of knitting a diaper bag in the sampler purse FI pattern, with the colors that I'm using in the baby blanket. My concern is that I want the bag to be washable, and I don't know that that can happen and still maintain the squarish shape that I want. Pondering...

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