Monday, June 15, 2009

TKD surprises

I got my new dobok tonight! It's soooo much more comfortable than my old one!! Like, I can actually move in it!! And, I have to admit, the white uniform shows off a black belt much better than the blue one did. (Yes, I can be vain. I know it.) I also found out why it took so long to get back:
The logo on the back. It's embroidered on. And, it's not the "banner" logo that most of the new uniforms get silkscreened on the back - it's the logo the instructors have on the backs of their jackets. It's not an instructor jacket yet (instructors' jackets are black), but I'm translating this as maybe one little step closer. (No one has said anything, so for all I know they're embroidering logos on the backs of all the new uniforms now - although I kinda doubt it - but it makes me inordinately happy.)

I also found out that I'm midterming again not this weekend but next. It rather surprised me, since I just midtermed last cycle, and I haven't done anything new so far during this one. I had to confirm it with Sir, who told me to just do the forms I already know and be sure I do them better than I did last time. Helpful. It kind of makes me wonder how badly I did last time. (Not that I really think I did badly, and I have tried to work on a lot of the stuff they mentioned to me afterwards and am resolute that I will NOT randomly forget a whole chunk of my weapons form this time around.) I actually wonder if there are some ulterior motives behind it - it will be the first test in the new space (we're actually going to be testing downstairs and in one of the open areas of the mall so families can watch instead of in the shark tank), it will be very public, and I think they want to show off as big a variety of students as possible. Plus, Jer will be testing for his black belt, so there will need to be ranking, non-judging adults there for him to spar. It works out. I was planning to be there anyway, I just figured I'd be watching or helping.

Sir also confessed that first degrees don't actually HAVE to learn two weapons forms. In fact, most students only learn one. Technically, I could stick with the bahng mahng ee form every time I midtermed and even when I eventually test for rank. However, he's not going to let ME do that. He wants to me to learn the ssahng jeol bahng form because he wants me to know it and get experience with that weapon (and, since he's made it clear that I'll have to midterm with it at least once, apparently demonstrate that knowledge, as well). Which makes sense - if I want to be an instructor, I can't very well help out other students with forms I didn't learn, I suppose. I'll still be allowed to choose which weapon I want to test with when it comes time to test for rank, as promised. It sounds like I'll probably start learning the ssahng jeol bahng form after this coming testing.

My knuckles STILL hurt when I wear my kickboxing gloves. It's really rather irritating - I can make a fist and punch just fine - no pain at all - when bare-fisted. But put the gloves on, even with the wraps, and I can't do it. Sir, Mel, and Gil think it might be a tendon issue from the "overhead" punches we've been doing in kickboxing (well, okay, Mel and Gil think that, Sir is concerned that it might be caused by my tendency to stick my elbows out, but it amounts to the same thing and I've been working REALLY hard to keep everything tucked in and not "be a swimmer". I thought I was pretty much over that by now =( ). Sir told me tonight in kickboxing to give it a rest and let my hands heal. Which is frustrating, because, like I said, they DON'T HURT unless I'm wearing the gloves. But hitting the hand targets we use in kickboxing over and over with a bare hand is not particularly good for them, either. Sigh. (Of course, this is also the same night where Sir told me to be better, so not sure how I can give my hands a rest and train to do better. I'll work on it!)

Quick temp assignment in the morning (finishing up the chemical inventory I started today at local high school chemistry labs) and then an interview for (I think) a part-time cashier job a Kohls. Whatever pays, at this point. FIGHT in the evening!

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