Thursday, November 17, 2005

are we there yet?

So Pasha pieces are done. Took me probably two evenings total. Pieces are outside blocking. Not sure when I'm gonna get a chance to sew him together and stuff him w/o Steve being home, since he has the entire next week off due to Thanksgiving. We're gonna go up to his folks again this year. I'd like to make something to bring, but I don't know how long we're going to be up there. A lot of it will depend on my rehearsal schedule. I'm ASM'ing the final two chapters of The Ring of the Nibelung that will be performed in mid-January, and my rehearsal schedule is a little wonky. All I really know is that this year there will be no scary car accidents! (Last year we decided to go hiking in the mountains the day before Thanksgiving, and had a big ugly yellow Chevy truck, driven by an unlicensed driver, smash headlong into us as we were starting home. We were okay, Steve's truck was totalled. It was the sorest, most thankful Thanksgiving I've ever celebrated!) I'll probably bring the mittens and Sockotta socks up to work on, as I know that we both have the weekend after Thanksgiving off, so we'll probably stay up there at least a couple days.

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