Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Hmm...so the washing didn't really help any of the tension issues, and in fact, the snowmen one seems like it grew. I'm not sure why it's so much bigger than the holly one. Both are a little cringe-worthy, but Steve says that he wouldn't notice any of the mistakes if I hadn't pointed them out. I still might do another snowmen one. Anyway, project specs:

Pattern source: Annie's Woolens
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Autumn, White, Dk. Sage (1 skein each, still lots left after making 2 stockings)
Needles: 12" size 8 circ, 16" size 6 circ, longer size 8 circ for heel/toe

1. Tension issues. Major tension issues.
2. Heel on the Snowman has holes because I didn't turn it properly and didn't realize it until I did the Holly one.
3. Snowman was stranded, Holly was woven. I like the woven technique better, but have to work on the left hand tension.
4. Really cute patterns and quick knits if you don't frog them a billion times.
5. Original patterns have just one icon. Steve wanted longer stockings, so we did one full pattern of the main icon and added the center images of icons from other charts, still from Annie's Woolens. His has the snowmen and the holly, mine has the holly and the evergreen.
6. Short row heel and toe options.

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HomeJewel said...

Beautiful stockings! I've been wanting to try these patterns - maybe will be on my to-do list for next Christmas. Did you use the suggested yarn or something else?

Great job!