Saturday, November 12, 2005


recieved the KnitPicks order on Thursday, safe and sound. Two new sock needles and three skeins of WotA for Pasha. He got started this evening and seems to be doing well so far. I can't really concentrate on any one project today, so I worked on my socks for a while, and since Steve had a call tonight, did Pasha's back and beak, then finished the heels on the socks. Both heels on the Sockotta socks are turned now, so now back to the stockinette. The heels didn't turn evenly, though, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't write the numbers for the first one down correctly. Or maybe the allergy meds just never really wore off this morning. I dunno. There is some wonkiness, no hugely visible holes, though, and the stripes are off now. It was pure coincidence that they matched before, so that doesn't really break my heart, but still...

I'm working on turning the pattern for the Jaywalker socks from cuff down dpns to toe up ML. I think I might have a solution, but I have to check the guage, and I don't want to start a new pair of socks until I have this pair done. I'm going to be doing these on either my size 1 or size 3 circs, so I can still use the size 2 for the second Regia sock when the Sockotta pair is done.

Left to do before Christmas:
1 pair felted mittens
1 Pasha
1 Bubby
Not too bad, eh?

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