Saturday, November 05, 2005

Second Sock Syndrome

sorta, but not really...
I got the Regia in for the second sock of the first pair today. However, my size 2 needles (currently the only sock needles I own, although 1's and 3's are coming in the next KnitPicks shipment!) are currently occupied by the pair of Sockotta socks that I work on in spurts. I am not a big fan of the Sockotta yarn, which is why I haven't been working on them as much. It's...hard. The yarn, I mean. I think it will soften up when it is washed, and being cotton-based, will surely make for more wearable socks for my current environment, but I'm not sure I would buy more of it. I'm almost to the heel of this pair.

Turned the heel of the Holly Christmas stocking (mine) last night. I could finish the thing tonight if I wanted. The weaving technique seems faster and slightly more even than the stranding, although there are still definite tension issues. However, I'm not frogging this one five hundred times. I also actually figured out how to do the YO short row heel properly, w/o the visible holes, and it looks five billion times better than the Snowmen stocking. I'm thinking that I'm going to do another Snowman stocking with the weaving and the proper toes. I want Steve to have something nice, too. Both will depend on how they wash out, though. Still have not washed the first Snowman, hence no pics yet.

Made my last KP order the other day after getting my last PCPA check until March. Some WotA for a certain quick project for a certain someone (not my gift elf, I already have her yarn, just waiting on the needles) and two pairs of 40" circs for socks. There should be no shipping issues this time, so I hope to get the order by the end of next week. Other than that, my small stash is on a yarn diet until further notice. Which shouldn't be a problem unless I see a yarn that I fall madly in love with. I want to get these stockings (made in stashed acrylics) and the Spruce felted mittens done. Then I have the yarn to do four pairs of socks - the Regia, Sockotta, SockaColori, and Bearfoot - plus some Crystal Palace Waikiki for a t-strap top that I started and abandoned for some reason (I might try to rewrite the pattern to do it in the round), the KnitPicks Shadow for the Tiger Eye stole I broke down and started already, and I am really wanting to do a top-down raglan with some of the (watches the yarn snobs shudder) Simply Soft I have stashed. I have four skeins in four colors that I think would make a nice sweater with wide horizonatal stripes. I want a slightly oversized sweater, with a...hmm...floppy turtleneck?...collar. I will start with the off-white for the collar and yoke and top of the sleeves, then do a light sage green band, then a darker tan band, and then a dark sage green band. Maybe it will be the ugliest sweater ever, I don't know, but at least I will have made a sweater and used up some of my stash. This is not counting the four skeins of Homespun in Cobalt that I need to do something with. I think I'm gonna do a dishcloth shawl with it. When I get around to it.

Btw, if there was ever a book that made you want to knit and read at the same time, it's Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. The actual murder plot is a little weak, but still interesting, but the characters are great, and the LYS and SnB group that get involved with the main character are right out of my fantasy "girls night out". I have got to get me one of those LYS keeps inviting me, but their "late nights" are Wednesday and Thursday, which are usually the only evenings I can spend with Steve. We'll see. They're also usually older, but that really shouldn't be an issue. I'd really love to spend more time with people closer to my age that aren't drunk, though.

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