Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Knitty.com has done it to me again! Just when I finally get my to-do list somewhat whittled down, they publish a new issue with some totally cute patterns. I'm particularly in love with Tempting II (after having loved the first Tempting, though I haven't made it yet), and Danica (the entrelac scarf). The scarf would be great for some of the WotA, and I think I have enough Shine to do a variation of the Temptings (I think I like II better. The belt look is more me than the ribbon.) I also seriously love Tubey. So cute, and totally something I would wear! I'm really hoping to find a good pattern to show off the Shadow or Alpaca Cloud yarns, though, anyone have any ideas? Lacy scarves/shawls/stoles?

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