Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Twas the week after Christmas...

and I have YARN! Serious yarn! As in, I will not have to buy yarn for the next year and a half because I got so much yarn! KnitPicks is probably having to restock right now! I got (the condensed version):
30 skeins of Wool of the Andes (3 skeins each of ten different colours!)
6 skeins of Simple Stripes (2 skeins each of three different colours)
2 skeins of Parade (Blues)
4 skeins of Dancing (2 each of Swing and Jig)
2 skeins of Sock Garden (Morning Glory)
4 skeins of Sock Landscapes (2 each of Cape Cod and Spring Prairie)
2 skeins of Shadow (Lost Lake)
2 skeins of Alpaca Cloud (droool...1 each of Stream and Tide Pool)
3 skeins of Shimmer (1 Morning Mist and 2 Turquoise Splendor)
12 skeins of Shine (6 each of Violet and River)

If anyone has any project suggestions, I'm all ears! I want to make some gorgeous stuff with this!

And, a Christmas present to myself was finishing my Sockotta Socks! I used the tapestry needle bind off, and learned the hard way to not pull the yarn too tightly with that one. And I couldn't figure a good way to weave the ends in at the cuff, so they did get knotted (erk!). But I wore them all day yesterday when I was travelling (three airports in seven hours...sigh...) and they held up! Now I'm starting a pair of Jaywalker Socks with the KnitPicks Dancing Jig. I can't believe the colours! They are SO FUN!

Project Specs on the Sockottas:

Pattern Source: 2 Socks on Magic Loop
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta #502 (purple/blue/gray/jaquard self striping)
Needles: 32" size 2 circular (Susan Bates)
Date started: approx. Oct. 24, 2005
Date completed: Dec. 25, 2005
-like the pattern and colours
-the yarn is rather stiff and hurts the fingers after knitting for a while with it. It's comfy on the feet, though, and I think it will soften up after washing a couple times.
-used the YO heel from the Christmas stocking pattern and it worked fairly well, although I got off the stripes somewhere with it, so I don't think I have both heels done exactly the same
-first sock heel increased until there are 24sts unworked on both sides
-the YO includes purling the first st. This st is NOT counted with the rest of the purled stitches
-CO 68sts
-tapestry needle BO, don't think I did it completely correctly, note to leave plenty of slack between sts or else when you try to put the socks on, the yarn will break due to strain

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