Saturday, December 31, 2005


So, I'm wondering how ambitious it is of me to ponder doing (and by doing I mean finishing totally) at least one project a month for 2006. It can be socks, scarves, afghans, etc., and the whole project doesn't have to be completely done from CO to finishing in a month's time span, but I would like to have a project to add each month to the completed list.

Some of my other recent knitting ponderings:
-I'm going to rip out Knitted Stripes, double up that yarn, and do a ripple afghan with the three colours instead. That was the pattern I had PLANNED to do originally, but put off because I felt the ripple had to be done with chunky weight in order to knit up quickly. For some reason I didn't consider doubling it and using, oh, say, size 13 needles on it. I think that will work out well.
-Jaywalkers have been ripped out and I will re-CO tomorrow. They were too small even though I tried them on several times. Oh well. I want them done right! Remind me of that! Zari on the KR forums is also working on these socks, so maybe she can help keep me on track.
-I really really want to do a sweater this year. I actually CO tonight for a generic top-down raglan. I want to do something cute like Ribby or Tubey, but maybe I should try something mega-simple first. Besides, I don't have the yarn for those yet anyway.
-I am going to do the Danica scarf. I am going to pick two WotA colours and CO for it as soon as the rest of my yarn gets here. I really want to learn that and it looks like it could be semi-instant gratification - you could just do a square and feel like you accomplished something.
-I really want to do a Fair Isle or other multi-coloured-yarns project again. I want to work on that two-handed weaving method and get my tension right.

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