Saturday, February 05, 2011

American Airmen v. Canadian Officers ;-)

I love my shop. Actual conversation as I was leaving on Friday (the American NCO & Canadian MWO had been jabbing at each other all day):

Me: Alright, I'll see you guys on Monday!
MWO: Wait, you left early yesterday and you think you can leave again today??
Me: I left 20 minutes early yesterday! Captain kicked me out cuz we were bored!
MWO: Oh, so now you're quantifying it?? You think it matters how early you leave? Slacker!
NCO: In all fairness, she does have to be here all weekend.
MWO: She gets paid for it.
Me: Actually, I don't.
NCO & MWO: ????
Me: The orders I'm on don't pay me any extra for drill weekends.
NCO: That's dumb.
MWO: Meh. Cry me a river.
NCO: I'll cry you a lake!
Me: They don't need more lakes in Canada.
MWO: Don't YOU start! I like you!
Me: Hey, I like Canadians. You play good sports.
Canadian Captain 1: What? Golf?
MWO: Hockey. She might actually know something about it.
Me: In fact, I'm on my way home to watch a game now.
Canadian Captain 2 (who just walked in): Who's playing tonight?
MWO: Blackhawks.
(Collective Canadian snort)
Captain: Yeah, you'd better leave!

In other news, I've been asked to test knit a new pattern for the lady who designed my Swirls hat (the black & red one from the January Hat Trick). She said she would cover the yarn and asked me to pick a color. I didn't know that was going to result in a BAG OF GORGEOUS PURPLE MALABRIGO arriving at my door a few days later! I've never gotten to work with Mal before, and it's enormously soft just in the skein, so I hope it lives up to the hype. The cat seems to love it, anyway; no matter where I put it, he ends up on top of it somehow. The designer is finishing up the pattern now and I should get it next week. I think it's going to be a wrap of some kind from the way she talked. Very excited!

Just finished PTL training. I figure this is going to force me to get better at pushups, since I'll be in a position to have to practice what I preach now. I did, however, get several tips on practice programs and form (apparently I am unbalanced - no comment - I don't pushup evenly with both arms. I still favor my right arm almost three years after injuring it. Never realized it.)

Spring Training starts in three weeks! Yay! (I am focusing on that positive hope right now instead of the seething anger I still feel after my Blackhawks were just absolutely robbed by the referees last night. Clearly, it hasn't settled down much. They are handling it with much more class than I am.)

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