Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Learned Stuff

-There are days that when someone asks me what I'm doing at work, it is all I can do to answer with a straight face because the task at hand seriously sounds like something a character out of Star Trek would be doing.

-I have the baby blanket for the little guy who is coming in May done. The one who is coming this week? Not so much.

-I seriously dislike yoga as a PT exercise. At least on wet, uneven grass. But I still hate pushups more.

-NHL All-Star Weekend was ridiculously fun to watch. But I'm glad real hockey is back now.

-Homework is better when there is an actual, definite answer to the question beyond "what do you think?" I think those kind of assignments are stupid. TEACH someone what sort of things they should be thinking ABOUT in the context first. I used to say it emphatically about stage management, and now I'm expanding it to all management - you can't learn it out of a book. You've got to get out and get your hands dirty and actually learn how to solve the problems as they come to have any idea of what s really going on.

-I'm very glad I live in California right now. I had to debate if it was cool enough to wear my PT sweatshirt today. It was.

-Food Network is strangely addictive.

-I've run a little over 25 miles so far this year, averaging a little over 3.5 miles per run. I still hate running, but at least my time will get better! I'm kind of looking forward to the 5K in March now. (But will be looking forward more to the hockey game afterwards.)

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