Monday, February 14, 2011


-Why yes, I would LOVE to help organize the food for a wingman day this Friday. Because, you know, I have NOTHING else to do this week, what with being the only certified military member in my shop on days and four, no, five sensors in various phases of testing right now. So yes, you put that list on my desk and see how quickly I get to it. Mrph.

-If you're in the Western Conference and are not the Blackhawks, I will not be cheering for you unless your win will somehow help us. Eastern Conference winners preferred right now. (Related: Versteeg to Flyers - possibly awkward first practice but maybe he'll find our missing puck.)

-Counting while knitting is useful. Maybe I should try it some time.

-You're the creative genius. You come up with the idea and I make it happen. That's how we work. Don't make me attempt to be creative. It's not a good situation. (But thank you for calling.)

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