Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year of the Socks!

I have enough sock yarn to make nine and a half pairs of socks this year for the Two Thousand and Socks! KAL RoseByAny (Amie) started over on the KR Forums. The lone sock being the rest of the Regia sock yarn that I got to make a mate for my Very First Sock Ever, who is still a poor loner. It's also counting the Jig currently being turned into Jaywalkers. 19 socks in a year? Maybe! Socks are turning into my "stuffing in my purse or backpack and taking everywhere" projects, so it is possible, I suppose.

I've also cut back to my original "only two WIPs at a time" rule. Otherwise I will start a billion things and never finish any of them! Currently, it's the raglan and the Jaywalkers.

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