Friday, March 31, 2006


I am determined. This is the end of the third month of the year. If you recall, my New Year's resolution was to have an FO each month. So far I have been wildly unsuccessful, although I have three projects in various stages of nearing completion. Hence, the determination. The knitting part of the Lady will be finished by Monday evening. Preferably earlier than that, so I can start blocking her Monday evening, but that remains to be seen. If I do a couple of squares a day/night (before and after work) and then hit it hard Monday, I should be fine. I'm definitely NOT going anywhere this weekend. The past two Mondays I have been out of town, snuggling with my boy down in Orange County. This weekend, I just don't have the energy to make the 9 hour round trip drive in less than 24 hours and spend the night on a couch or floor. It sucks that I won't get to see him, but I know he'll be too tired to make the drive up here for the weekend - he's getting back from USITT and going straight into tech for a show he's designing - in which case I wouldn't be able to spend time with him anyway because of double rehearsals on weekends, and I know I'll be too tired to make the drive down for a day. Transporters totally need to be invented, working, and available to the general public NOW! Or Floo powder or Portkeys or SOMETHING! I want him here, or I want the drive and scheduling to be more convenient. But anyway, enough whining. If I can't have him, I can at least snuggle in with my new paperback (a J.D. Robb collaboration called Bump in the Night) and my knitting.


Coleen said...

ok... i must know... how did you find a straight single guy in theatre? :)

Kadiddly said...

LOL!! It took some doing, I must admit, but I think the trick is to look in the scene shop. My guy's a tech director/stage carp/set designer. They all tend to be macho-er there. The whole guys and tools thing, I guess. I have run into a few non-straight carps, though.