Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I actually had a post thought out and titled and everything in my head last night, but of course, now that I'm logged in, I can't remember any of it. Memory's the second thing to go, y'know. I can't remember what the first is...

The director is insane, but in a good way. She's very fun to work with and cracks us up at least once a night. Very high energy, and kind of flighty, too. I mean, she's done her homework, and she knows what she wants, but she does get distracted easily. Between her, the musical director, and the choreographer (both of whom are ALSO tightly wound/fast inner tempo/however you'd like to put it people), I feel like the only sane, calm, cool, and collected person in the room sometimes! It's a lot of fun, though, and the show is in good shape. We're going to try to stumble through Act One this weekend, so that should be fun.

Spent Monday down in Fullerton with Steve. He had a lighting call in the evening, so I got some more Jaywalking done along with several episodes of Law and Order. Gotta love TNT. Couple more inches on the leg, and then the ribbing, and the first sock of that damn pair will be done. Then I might actually get to report a sock to Amie's 2000-sock count! Finally.

I'm having last-minute terrors of the Lady Eleanor. She's still pretty small right now at 50-odd rows. I should have knit her on 11's instead of 10's. Should I frog and redo? I tell myself no, but she's barely past 60" right now, and I only have one skein left. I'm a tall girl and want it to wrap nicely. I could buy more yarn, but not until after I get a paycheck and my tax refund get the idea. Buying yarn is not in the cards right now. Besides, I have tons of it already. Any suggestions what to do with a bunch of WotA? I have three skeins each of about 8 different colours now. Not enough to do anything big with any of the colours, but not sure of nice ways to combine them, other than felted bags and such.

Cleaned the apartment, did dishes, did laundry, finished a props list, and thought I'd get some knitting time in before the ten million meetings I have this afternoon, but this post took up most of it. Oh well. Will do some more tonight after rehearsal.

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