Friday, March 17, 2006

Top o' the Mornin'!

Okay, so it's afternoon already. Picky, picky.

Yes, I'm Irish (with a whole side of the family named Kelly, how could I not be? I'm also Scottish - McHaney, German - Ottmann, Swedish - Lindbolm, and French - Trummel. Trummel is not pronounced the French way anymore, though, it's been totally Midwestern Americanized. There's also some Native American thrown in there, too, I believe. I'm a pure-bred mutt, as my mom used to say.) Yes, I'm wearing green. No, I will not be imbibing any strangely coloured beers today, unfortunately, as I have rehearsal tonight, and all day tomorrow. Damn responsibilities! And I probably wouldn't, anyway, as I've not met m'self a beer I liked. If it had to be green, you could pass me a Midori sour or five, though.

But just to prevent me from rambling:




Elder Faery said...

Only glanced at your first post but was so the purplish one a legwarmer..I'm heavily into it? Shall now proceed to your next post and more cos I am really drawn in by your site design.

Amie said...

Yes, happy!

The Jaywalker looks great - I forget, what yarn is it? I mean other than "pretty"?

And Eleanor is GAWGISSSS!!!

Coleen said...

Wow! Love the colors! I haven't tried entrelac yet, so I am really impressed.

Hey - hope you are feeling better!

Kadiddly said...

Elder Fairy, thanks! The purply entrelac thing in the second picture is, unfortunately, not a leg warmer. It's a scarf/stole called Lady Eleanor and the pattern is found in a book called Scarf Style.

Coleen said...

I would love to be added to your blog roll!

(I added you to my links already!)