Monday, March 06, 2006

Random thoughts

Ahh...Monday, my day off. And what am I doing? Sitting in the office so I have access to the internet so I can get some banking things taken care of. Ugh! We also had to tape down the set in the rehearsal space this morning, too, so it wasn't a total day off anyway. Rehearsals start tomorrow - I can't wait!!

Steve came up this weekend, and we finished getting everything out of storage. Now I just have tons of boxes of trinkets and small things that don't really fit anywhere to unpack. Of course, the stash got unpacked and fondled and lovingly put away last night. (After the Harry Potter books, though.) I have (erk!) three medium sized boxes and a small plastic basket full of yarn now. The acrylics went into one, the natural fibers in the other, and the sock yarns went into the bottom of the "project bin". My thinking is that when (if) I want (get) to work on new socks, I'll have to paw through all my UFOs WIPs first. So far, the only casualty of the move seems to have been my ball winder. It looks like one of the plastic gears inside snapped in two. Guess I have to add a new ball winder to my list o' things to get after I get paid again! Maybe I'll get a swift to go with it this time!

It's a rainy, chilly day in Santa Maria, and I would really really love to kick back with a movie and knit all day. I could probably get my raglan sweater done, or the next skein of the Lady, who has been sorely neglected the past two weeks. Remember when I said the Jaywalkers were mocking me for not getting them finished in time? Apparently they laughed so hard that at least one of them dropped their stitches! I picked them up for the first time in ages the other day and have already noticed at least three dropped stitches on one of them. I'm really thinking at this point that I want to take one off and do them seperately. Apparently, I'm going to have to frog back anyway. I should probably at least attempt to get clothes unpacked first, though.

I ranted a week or so ago about this on the KR Forums that I really have been disappointed with the Noro Kureyon. That dislike continues, unfortunately. The colours are unbelieveable, I'll grant, but I don't care if I'm buying the yarn from an eBay dealer or straight off the spinner's wheel, big factory or not, when I pay for yarn, I expect it to be of good quality. I don't mind paying for quality, especially when it's for hand-painted colourways. I do mind when I pay and don't get it. Yarn should not be dirty, not have leaves, twigs, and spliters strewn through it, not be SO unevenly spun that it's impossible to keep a consistent guage. Mistakes happen, I know, but honestly! KnitPicks needs to come out with some varigated wools. I've really enjoyed working with the WotA so far. Much better than the Kureyon, it's just the colours! So frustrating! I'm very very interested now in getting some of that "dye your own" yarn and playing with that. Not in the near future, though.

Alright, running away from work! This whole no internet at home thing is killing me. That's DEFINITELY on the list for the next paycheck - argh!

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