Thursday, March 16, 2006


Heel's turned on the first Jaywalker. Finally. Did a short row heel again. I like short row heels. With YOs, instead of wraps. No wraps for heels, please. Lady is stretched out on my living room floor. Still one more skein to do. Raglan is curled up on the floor by the bed. Maybe Monday I'll buy a new e-book or two and work on that and the Lady again all day. It seems about the only time that I can, since I can't carry those two around with me like I can the socks.

Still coughing and sniffling from the cold. Ugh. I'm sure the director thinks I'm this unprofessional stage manager who can't sit for two minutes without making some sort of disgusting noise. Honestly, I can't BREATHE without making some kind of noise. And I'm so sick of Kleenex, you can't imagine.

Gotta go grab a shower and fix some lunch so I can sit through design and production meetings all afternoon before rehearsal. Again, HOW were they expecting me to not go into overtime?? They will probably breathe a sigh of relief when my staff contract kicks in and I go to a salary instead of hourly pay!

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