Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lock 'n Load

Okay, I found out about this from the Knitters' Review Forums. It is hysterical, sounds like a blast, and I once I saw it, I had to do it. It just ties in too perfectly with my other hobbies.

I'm riding on the idea that I did, indeed finish the Column Socks in a week. Okay, so I worked on nothing else that whole week, but I'm not planning any Christmas knitting this year. (I take that back, I did promise a scarf to someone. Shouldn't take long, though.) If I get Rogue done soon, which I should, all I'll have on the needles are socks and the Snowdrop Shawl at that point in time. The shawl can take a bit more downtime if it wants. Becki's afghan is going to be finished today (once I stop typing and start laundry and go grocery shopping), so I won't have to worry about that. No other deadlines or anything I have to get done, so it could be possible that I won't be the first man down. Anyone else interested? Sign ups will close on Sept. 8! More info can be found at the Sock Wars Forum.

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g-girl said...

wow, it's amazing!