Thursday, August 03, 2006

Unreasonably hyper

I came home from rehearsal uncharacteristically hyper tonight. Not sure why. Maybe it is that we are finally finished with three rehearsals' worth of tap dancing (thank god this is not a huge cast show - the noise would probably drive me battier than I already am!). Maybe it's the cute actor and the fun chemistry the cast has. Maybe it's the fact that I actually have people to hang out with tomorrow and go down to Solvang with (okay, so I kinda rigged it that way in the hopes that cute actor would go, but I'm glad it's more people than that). Maybe it's the fact that I actually talked to Steve today and had no kind of emotional craziness after the fact. No anger or hurt or anything. No happiness, either, but whatever. Maybe it's the fact that I've had two exes randomly hit on me in the past 24 hours. Maybe it's just the fact that I finally (FINALLY) went in and got my hair cut and styled. Who knows? It's probably just the fact that I have a purring cat on my lap, yarn and needles in my hands, a bottle of brew, and these:

Three of the afghan strips are done, as well as the first two stripes of the final one. I'm really kicking arse on this pattern. It's so simple, but it looks so damn cool! I love it! I'm totally going to have to make one of these for me. Not going to use the Homespun again, though. I love the colors available in it, and I love the softness, but the fraying is getting to me. I've had to get a thing of Fray Check for the ends. I might use some fabric glue on it as well, after I wash it. But anyway, I'm all about machine washable for afghans, and I would need a chunky yarn. LB Homespun, Wool-Ease Chunky or Thick-n-Quick are the right gauge range, but lack a variety of available colors. Any suggestions? I'm realizing, looking at this, that I will actually have to seam these together soon, and am wondering if I should use one color of Homespun or if I should dig out some of the worsted weight acrylic I have stashed and use it to seam instead? Any thoughts?
Oh, and:

Teddie doesn't seem too impressed with the afghan strips. (Yes, that would be the Rogue project bag making an appearance in the background.) He thinks the ends are great for playing with, though, particularly when I am trying to fold the strips up and put them away. He really loves circular needles, too, but only bothers needles and yarn when I am actually using them. I guess non-moving stuff is beneath him.

Btw, I figured out my little knitting quirk/superstition. I will weave in all the ends as I go, including the bind off tail, but not the cast on tail. Those, for some reason, must stay unwoven until all the pieces are complete and ready for seaming. Hell if I know why, it just must be so.


Amie said...

I think I'd use the Homespun to seam, too, and maybe go all the way around the final edge (single crochet would be relatively fast) to make a border so it doesn't look odd to have the single stripes of color down the panels.

I haven't seen enough of him in past pictures, but I do believe Teddie is a Norwegian Forest Cat - maybe Maine Coon, but I think NFC (also called Skogcat). That's what Aslan is (and Clara's Casey) and it's a fabulous lovely breed. Stunning personalities and fearless and smart and great companions.

Kadiddly said...

Hmm...I think you're right, although I'm pretty sure he's not fully either. He's a little small for either breed (he weighed in at only 10lbs). The pictures of the Maine Coon look more like him (maybe it's just because I saw more tabby Maine Coons), but the breed standards of the NFC fit him better. He definitely has the thick coat, toe trimmings, and mane of both breeds, although I'm sure living in California has toned it down some. I think my parents have what would be considered a Blue NFC, and she's gorgeous! Both she and Teddie would rather be held and carried around with their front paws on the shoulders, stretched out, instead of curled up. I wonder if that's a breed thing? I'd never thought about cat breeds before - it was fun looking through all the pictures, thanks!