Thursday, August 10, 2006


The yay:
1. The Chunky Diagonal Throw strips are completed and seamed together. I ended up using some Simply Soft to seam them - the Homespun was just too much of a pain to work with for seaming, and almost impossible to hide unless I wanted to change colors every ten stitches or so. I'm not that good of a friend.

2. I have one more day of work and then I am GETTING OUT OF HERE for a weekend! I love travelling anywhere anytime anyway, but this is special. You have no idea how happy this makes me, just the thought of not having to worry about if I will run into him, or wondering what (if anything) I should say or do if I do run into him, is very liberating. And, of course, I can't wait to celebrate Becki's marriage. I can't believe my two best friends from high school are married now. One almost for a year already! I'm not really the girly type, but I'm actually really looking forward to going over to Beck's Saturday morning and helping her get ready and getting to the church early and all that fun pre-wedding stuff. I'm just reading some Bible verses, so hopefully I will do that well. My main fear is that I will cry, as I'm far more like my mother than I'd like to be sometimes. (She's a sentimental sap who cries at cotton and coffee commercials during the holidays.) I think it will be okay, though.

The ughs:
1. The blanket is knitted and seamed, and I now have one evening left to knit the border. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned before how much I hate picking up stitches. This is the reason why. I can't pick up stitches evenly for the life of me, which throws off the stitch count and thus my borders get wonky. Plus, the border in the pattern, which I like, is twelve rows wide, which isn't bad, but it's 100 increasing to 110 stitches on the top and bottom and 136 increasing to 146 stitches on either side. I may not get any sleep before the flight tomorrow night. I thought about maybe chickening out and doing something like an applied I-cord border, but I can't find any good directions on how to do it. Any suggestions? Maybe the crocheted border Amie suggested? I've never crocheted before, though, so not sure how well that would work.

2. I have four loads of laundry sitting on the floor in my bedroom that desperately need to be folded and put away. I hate folding laundry, and am half-tempted to leave it there, but Chrissy is coming over this weekend to check on Teddie for me, and she is a neat freak. I can't just close the bedroom door, because then Teddie can't get to his litter box, so I'm going to have to put it away tonight, as tomorrow will be spent working on the damn border. I'll have to wash the blanket when I get to my parents' Friday night, I guess. I hope everything turns out okay =P

3. I have meetings starting at 9:30a tomorrow. It is currently 2:00a. If I'm awake (this is hardly staying up late for me, but 9:30a is awfully early in the morning), I should at least be doing something productive, yes? Working on the border, or folding the laundry, or packing or cleaning or something. But no. I'm typing a post and chatting online instead. Ugh.

I might duck out of babysitting Much Ado dress tomorrow night so I can come here and get stuff done and attempt to get some sleep before travelling for fourteen hours.

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Amie said...

Well, it's totally too late to be of any help now, but two things.

1. Crocheted borders aren't even really crochet. They're very easy, and without knowing anything at all about crochet you could probably fake it and come darn close to the real thing.

2. My own little trick for picking up nine hundred fifty seven bazillion stitches = fold your project in half again and again until you're looking at a section of fabric that's not intimidating (you may need to half, quarter, eigth or sixteenth it, depending on the size of your intimidation). Place a safety pin at each fold. Now, lets say you've divided it into 16ths, you'll pick up one-sixteenth of the stitches in between each safety pin.

So, for easy math, lets say I need to pick up 200 stitches. I'm going to fold my garment in half, then half again, then half it one more time - into eigths. I'll put a safety pin at each fold and I need to pick up 1/8 the stitches between the pins. That means I only have to get 25 stitches pretty even, not 200.

Make sense?

The trick is to just get it into small enough increments that it's not scary anymore.


Hope your weekend was fun! Don't be upset if Teddie is mad at you when you get back. Remember that you (in his eyes) abandoned him, and give him a little extra loving to make it up to him!