Thursday, August 24, 2006


What's a girl to do when she has three of four borders of an afghan (that was supposed to be done a week ago) knitted, half the foot of one sock left to work, another pair of socks on the needles, an week coming up, and evenings this week semi-free? Why, work on Rogue, of course. For some reason, it started hollering at me the other night, and I figured that since the hood had been dragging like crazy before and I had no problems putting it down, I should probably work on this while I actually felt like it. I think I'm about a third of the way through the hood now. I figured out how to pf/b to increase instead of the m1 bar, because I kept getting holes where I picked up the bar and the stitch underneath it stretched. I haven't started the sleeves yet like I was going to when I put the thing down, but they are going to be Twisted German CO (that stretchiness has won me over and I'm a big sleeve pusher-upper), and knit flat, both at once, on a circular needle. I'm okay with seaming the sleeves themselves, but am a bit anxious about setting the sleeves into the body. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, I guess.

I recently acquired several of the Harry Potter AudioBooks, and they have been great to listen to while knitting. (insert warning of nerdiness here)It's been really interesting for me, because I know the books so well (no, I can't say as I've memorized them - yet - but I have read them enough to know exactly what the next phrase will be most of the time), but the only audio experience I have had with them has been the movies, so hearing the same words in different voices and different readings has been fun. It's not quite as cool as holding the book in my hands and curling up to read it and see the words myself, but it is a very fun way to satisfy my HP and knitting cravings at the same time. I would highly recommend them. My only complaints so far have been that my laptop's speakers suck, and the reader reads Hermione's lines in a voice that makes me think of a whining, flaming fairy-boy during allergy season, not as a teenage girl (I'm listening to PoA (Prisoner of Azkaban, for the uninitiated) atm and will probably start GoF (Goblet of Fire) tonight.

Oh, and anyone want to tech my show for me next week? It's only an hour and a half long with six actors. And 30+ costumes (all of them quick changes, most of them in the last twenty minutes of the show). And a set that has to be destroyed at the end of Act I and be completely changed for Act II. Only 196 LQs so far, though, but we still have about half of Act II to paper tech. I'm anticipating about 300 light cues total. (To give you a range, Oliver! had 350+ LQs -skipping some numbers, my last cue # was 486, or thereabouts - and Anna had 87 w/o skipping any. 300 is pretty average for a musical and not bad at all.) Plus I think 80+ music cues, 20 or so sound cues, and an unknown number of deck/curtain cues. Calling the show isn't going to be the problem. It's going to be getting all of the technical elements to work together properly in the first place. That and the speed of the show. 400+ cues in 90m averages to about 4.5 cues a minute, so I may not be able to get much knitting done during this show. I'm looking forward to actually performing the show, I just don't want to go through the first day of tech for it =P


Coleen said...

I feel your pain girl! I'm in tech for "Ragtime" right now, and will be in tech for "Kiss me Kate" in two weeks.

I'm getting sore fingers from all the light board programming I'm doing!

Kadiddly said...

Yikes! I hope the designers are being decent to you at the very least! Or, if you're designing, that the director isn't too crazy!