Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alright already!

The lovely Bearfoot

joins my slowly growing wool sock yarn stash.

(The Regia just jumped in for the photo op, it normally lives with my KnitPicks sock yarns, which haven't been touched since I met superwash wool. It's warm, but it's so soft! I will, however, need to start making some summer wear socks again soon.) I know, it's not nearly as impressive as lots of other sock yarn stashes. In fact, it's kind of lame. I just don't like having lots of unused yarn around. I do have one full skein of the Lorna's Laces left, approximately 200yds. Anyone have any ideas what to do with it? I realized after I started the afghan that I could have used the LL leftovers to probably make another pair of socks. I still might. Maybe.

A lonely Rogue awaits its sleeves:

The not even close to finished, unblocked, messed up goodness that currently is the Snowdrop Shawl:

I think the mistake is on the left side somewhere. I know I flipped a yo and an ssk on the border several rows back, but am pretty sure that is not the problem. I am pondering tinking back to fix that, as well, though. EDIT: I think the problem may be a missed YO in that same row. Maybe. Unfortunately, it's like ten rows back. Sigh. The first time I didn't use a lifeline on it and look what happens!

The Majestic and Ferocious Guard Kitty has apparently made a deal with Blogger to not have his very good picture published, as I can't get it to upload for anything. No kitty pics today, sowwy!

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AR said...

Darn missed yo's. I know what you could do with the Lorna's: send it to me. haha Just joking. Make more socks. Everyone needs as many pairs of handknit socks as they can get!