Thursday, September 21, 2006


I did finally convince Blogger to upload the Ferocious Guard Kitty:

He was uncharacteristically vocal with me last night, but I'd like to think that he knew I was upset (we had a CRAZY rehearsal last night and I was pretty stressed by the end of it) and was trying to talk to me. I notice that the more stressed I am when I come home, the more vocal and attention demanding he is. He knows. A warm cup of mint tea, a purring kitty in my lap, a good night's sleep, and life is much better. Now he's contentedly curled up in my lap (not for very long, as you'll see in a minute), so apparently all is forgiven. I love my Teddie Cat.

But anyway, enough melodrama. Let's get to the Good Stuff:

This is the package my very sweet super left inside my door this afternoon (new postman, long story, needless to say she had permission)! My first ever spindle and fiber purchase!! I'm so excited. I, of course, had to rip it open the minute after I took the picture. It contains 4oz. Corriedale in Rosy-Fingered Dawn, 4oz. BFL in Purple Haze, a small amount of an unknown fiber (I think maybe Corriedale as well, but I'm just going by feel) in a pretty blue/green color, which was wrapped around my new Greensleeves Barebones spindle! Oh, and a rootbeer DumDum, which cracked me up. Amy, are you trying to tell me something? ;-) The instructions are pretty clear, although it did take some looking around to figure out what was meant by "drafting" on the spindle. A quick look at her Hints and Tips page on the store site, and I think I have a better idea of what is supposed to happen now. I LOVE the feel of the BFL! It's so incredibly soft! I just have to squish it every once in a while. The Corriedale is a little rougher, but seems like it will be easier to learn on. I've decided that I definitely need another pair of hands and arms - I can't knit and spin at the same time! I wasn't expecting the kit to come so quickly! Rogue sleeves? Snowdrop Shawl (now corrected, I think)? Spinning? Oy!


AR said...

He really looks like a tough guard kitty! I love the look of your package. I drool over Amy's site all of the time. I'm hoping for some b-day money to spend there. hehe Have fun spinning and knitting. That should relax you after crazy rehearsals.

Amie said...

Yay! We've got you now! Aslan's favorite wool is corriedale (of course, he's a goat-guy at heart) and I like it a good bit myself.

You're going to have so much fun! Feel free to give me a hollar if you ever need help!!!

Amy Boogie said...

yay spinning!!!
The mystery blue is Romney.
Did you check out - there are little videos there if you need extra help.