Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stupid Shawl, Stupid Moths, and Ooo...Was That Bearfoot?

The Snowdrop Shawl has bitten me. I still haven't figured out a.)HOW I made this mistake and b.)HOW I went on for several more rows before realizing that I didn't have the correct number of stitches at the end of the row. I swear it kept working out until That One Row. So I tink back to where I thought the mistake was, fix it, work back up to where I was, and am STILL two stitches short and the pattern isn't working correctly. What on earth?? So I am now in the process of tinking back even more rows of very fine laceweight yarn. Sigh.

Two more skeins of Mountain Colors Bearfoot arrived in the mail today, a result of a KR poster's destashing. You know I can't resist Bearfoot. In Elderberry and Firestorm. Sigh. I'm practically drooling over this yarn. It's so pretty! No idea what I'll use it for yet, of course. Teddie actually WAS drooling over the yarn, or rather, the envelope it came in. I think the sender must have a pet of some kind, because that envelope got the most thorough going-over I have ever seen him give a piece of mail. It's also almost time for another Sock Yarn of the Month shipment from Spunky Eclectic. And I broke down and got one of her learn to spin kits, too. In an attempt to vary my color schemes a bit, I got a combo warm/cool color thing. I have a feeling that I'm not going to be very good at spinning, but hey, I might as well try it. And there is a yarn shop down in Solvang that is also supposed to cater to spinners, so maybe I can go down early sometime and get some help or something. At any rate, the point is that I really don't need anymore sock yarn. Someone remind me of that next time I mention wanting some. I just can't knit it up fast enough. I saw a moth in the apartment today and promptly put all of my wooly sock yarns (which had been readily accessible for fondling display) in Ziploc bags and in the freezer, because I know I won't get to it to use it fast enough. (The poor moth was probably just lost and had no desire for my yarns whatsoever, but you can't be too careful.)

I did another couple rounds of the April Fools today, and started a new project that I totally stole (with her permission) from a fellow KR poster. I'm using leftover superwash wool sock yarn to do a Log Cabin. It will most likely take ages, given that it is sock yarn, on US 5 needles, and I knit socks slowly anyway, so I only have about three balls of leftovers in the correct weight, but it is a good mindless project. My idea is that I will work each block until I run out of yarn, and then spiral to the next. I have every belief that it will be the ugliest afghan anyone has ever seen, but honestly, I don't really give a damn. It's not like I'm gonna sell the thing. I'm just doing it to get some use out of yarn that I really don't want to throw away, and eventually my grandchildren might be able to use if I get it done in time!


AR said...

MM new sock yarn. I can't wait to see your stolen idea when it's finished. I have some left over sock yarns, too. Maybe I'd better get over to KR and find the post. hehe. Plus, even if it's super ugly, your someday grandkids will love it. We have an extremely ugly afghan my mom made forever ago, and I think all of her kids, and my kids learned their colors on it, since it has every color imaginable in it. The kids fight over who gets to use it.

Coleen said...

I've been contemplating doing something like that with my sock leftovers too. I've got lots!

Pictures? I wanna see this gorgeous yarn!