Sunday, September 03, 2006


Dames is OPEN! Woo! It's the biggest little show I think any of us have done here in a long time, and a lot of work for the cast and crew, but it really is so much fun! It's very sweet and cute and funny and the audience is eating it up! That's such a nice reward to see after the exhausting week of tech we just went through for it.

Two personally awkward moments today, though. 1.)Steve's parents and sisters came down for the weekend. They saw Dames last night, and the Song of the Oak (the fall Outreach show that Steve set designed) preview this morning. I didn't see them last night, and didn't even know they were there until I literally almost ran into Steve's mother in the lobby this morning at the preview. They were pleasant to me, as always, it was just slightly surprising to run into them and then try to figure out what to say to them. As they were leaving, though, his dad turned to me and told me he was very sorry about the way things had turned out. It was very sweet, but slightly heart-wrenching at the same time. 2.)A guy I had kind of started crushing on, and who I thought had been showing some signs of interest, came to the preview this morning with a second-year student actress on his arm, who he has apparently been seeing for some time. Sigh. Oh well. I really wish him no ill will, but I know that he is applying for a staff job (and he well deserves it), and I'm wondering how well it will go for him if he is dating a student. I guess we'll see.

Between the tech week from Heck (I've had worse, but it definitely wasn't fun) and two awkwards in one day, I'm totally hibernating tomorrow. My big plans are to make my apartment liveable again and then curl up on the couch with Rogue and Harry Potter. I'd really love to go to the beach as well, but that would require leaving the house, and I'm not sure I'll have the energy for that. My brother is going to drive out next Monday to visit for a while. I hope I can find something for him to do!


Amy Boogie said...

The blanket came out gorgeous and I like the random coloring. Encore has a chunky yarn and good colors.

Amie said...

Hiya! Thanks for checking on me! Things have been crazy busy and my DSL is down, so it's slooooooow, unreliable dial up or nothing for me right now. Which greatly reduces my blogging. I'll be back shortly, I hope!