Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick Update

Before I have to go get the van, as our bus is unavailable tonight. Sigh.

Yes, I spent the rest of the evening playing with the spindle. I totally...well, not ruined, but shall we say, had some difficulties with the trial batch of the pretty blue/green fibers. I realize now that I was not drafting nearly enough - I ended up with something very close to a polar weight yarn, although it was still useable (of course, I had to knit a swatch with it, which was where I figured out that this isn't maybe the way things were supposed to have gone). I don't know if I can rescue it or not. I hope so. Once I realized where I had gone wrong, I pulled out the Corriedale and started playing with that. It is going much, much better. I'm trying to work on keeping a constant tension/drafting. Sometimes I've gotten too thin and the yarn has broken. I'm not really good with joining, yet, either, but that is getting better, I think. This is So Cool! I do miss my knitting, though. Will have to get some lovin' time in on that.

Anyway, gotta go. Show time!

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AR said...

Good luck with the spindle. I want to learn so bad, but I'm not doing really great. Post pics when you get some more done.