Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Don't you hate it when some people just don't listen? You present a question. They present an answer. You are very appreciative and run off to try said answer. Said answer doesn't work for a very good reason. You point this out, giving the reason that said answer is not possible at this point. They say "trust me, it works," and all you want to do is go "I believe you, and I'm sure it does work, but what you suggesting I do IS NOT POSSIBLE for me!" And they say, "I've already explained it to you, you're just not listening/stubborn/inflexible." While I admit that I often am those things, as near as I can tell, unless I am missing a lot of things in a lot of places, these people apparently are the ones who have figured out how to warp the space/time continuum and travel long distances quickly and/or be in two places at once. Oh, and erase memories, as well. This is happening in several areas of my life right now, knitting, work, friends, family, and it doesn't get any less frustrating.

I got almost all the way through the YO short row heel, my favorite kind to knit, with no problems. Then I realized that I never put any increases in before I started the heel. I'm pondering finishing the heel anyway and finding a student or intern who wears size 12s and asking them to try it on to see if it is too tight around the weird back of heel/top of foot diagonal place. You know, the place you usually put increases =P I'm also seriously doubting my stitch number. According to all of my calculations, with the gauge I am getting for these socks, I should be in the ~90 stitches range, which is what I've been working with. But all of the people I've been asking advice from have been mentioning stitch numbers in the high 60 range for this size sock. I CO 64 sts when I make socks for me with this yarn and this needle size. So now I'm scared that these are going to be totally too big, Dad will never be able to wear them, we'll both be embarrassed on Christmas morning and I might just throw them away and cry. (No, for the last time, Dad can NOT try them on, unless someone else is going to pay for my plane tickets there and back!) The idea of making him some felted slippers is starting to sound really good, though, and maybe save the socks for later. I did have him try them on when I was home (told him they were for Kelly), but it was dark in the living room, and he tried it on over the top of his other sock. I know they will shrink a little in the wash, but not too much. I hope one of the interns/students wears size 12s...that would answer a lot of questions! Even if I only have to redo the heel. Again.

Totally stolen from AR because it's appropriate:

Your Stress Level is: 47%

You are somewhat prone to stress, especially when life gets hard.
When things are good, you resist stressing over little problems.
But when things are difficult, you tend to freak out and find it hard to calm down.


Amy Boogie said...

I hope you don't have to redo that heel. I hate having to redo things at this time of year.

AR said...

Darn heel! Hope you figure out a way to fix it that's really easy!

I could totally use the two places at once thing. Tell those people to let me in on their secret. They probably know it all, right?

Amie said...

Does this help at all?

Feet are sometimes said to be square - that is, generally, the length of the foot is the same as the distance around the widest part of the foot. So my foot is 9inches long, and 9in around the ball.

Does that help at all?

Cuz my only other thought is to get reeeeaaal friendly with someone who works in an airline, and get them to fly you out to have Dad try on the socks....


Amie said...

(you may want to take that airline suggestion with a grain of salt. I just took the test and my stress level is 86, and that might be clouding my judgement. I think I'll have my grain of salt around a margherita glass....)