Sunday, November 26, 2006

This Is The Heel That Never Ends...

The Yarn Harlot is insane. Sorry, Stephanie, I love your blog and your books, but how the hell do you knit socks so fast?? A sock a day?? Apparently I can't even finish a sock in ten days! The observant among you will note that Dad's socks are only 25% done. That would be because I finally finished the heel on the first one this evening. Granted, it is a man's size 12 sock, with a heel I've never done before, and I spent three of those days traveling, two completely exhausted, and the other five I've had multiple shows. But still. Taking the entire Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie to finish the short rows of the heel is a little excessive, I think. The obvious solution is that Dad's feet are just too big. I'll have to speak to him about that. I did make him try them on when I was home, though. I told him they were for my brother. I think they'll fit, although I'm a little nervous about the length. All I know for sure right now is that they are hella big on me!

Oh, and I can't wait to try out the November offering of Spunky Eclectic's Sock Yarn of the Month Club. It's a Speedy Sock yarn (feels like it may be comparable to STR's heavyweight), in a really pretty colorway. I might end up using it for Mom's socks instead of the LL.

Mom is excited about me trying to learn colorwork/Fair Isle, once I told her about the Stitches classes I was going to take in February. I really think she just thinks I'm crazy/obsessed, but whatever. I can't be the only one, as the mere mention of "Hey a knit night would be cool" among the cast/crew gets a huge reaction. Most of them wanted to know if I would teach them entrelac if they came, although finding a time and place is extremely difficult. I think I am learning the difference between a knitter and someone who knits this season. Since I've done more than a scarf (I actually make things like socks, sweaters, entrelac, lace...basically anything more interesting than the five billion garter stitch scarves I've seen being worked on), I'm suddenly this knitting guru. It's terrifying, actually, considering how much I DON'T know and how many mistakes I make on a regular basis.

I've finally been allowed to call the show without supervision. It's a fun show, and I really enjoy calling it, but man, you do have to talk fast to get it all out in time! 27 performances left - the countdown has started. I won't call it again until Thursday morning's brat mat, though, since we have auditions Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tomorrow I'm going to Target and blowing the last of this month's budget on a Mission end table that I can put in the corner and use as a TV stand. My old desk finally broke when I rearranged furniture the other day, and the new one is completely covered in computer stuff right now. I have the TV up on some old dorm crates right now, but it doesn't seem particularly stable to me, and I don't really have anything else that will work. Slowly but steadily, I am achieving the goal of matching furniture! After that, my big Monday plans are to curl up on the couch and watch Harry Potter all day and work on the sock.

Oh, and while I was at Target this morning scouting for Christmas decorations (I'm totally doing my own tree this year for the first time) and the end table, I got complimented by a random stranger on my Lady Eleanor. It made my day.

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AR said...

Don't you love it when people compliment your knitting? I do!

Matching furniture? Haha, someday, like when my kids move out.