Friday, November 17, 2006

What is it with me and sizing lately???

Mental note to self: when your gut keeps telling you the sleeves are too short, listen to it. The brain don't know nuthin other than "I'm followin' th' pattern, d-yuh!" Or at least get a tape measure out and measure them so your head thinks it knows what it's talking about. I've seamed one sleeve for Rogue. I've started seaming the second sleeve for Rogue. Out of curiosity, I pinned the first sleeve in and tried it on - TWO INCHES too short! And, let me tell you, the whole three-quarter-sleeve thing does not work well with this pattern. I'm on gauge! I swear! I guess maybe I just have longer arms than most people with my bust size. (Okay, I am taller than most people with my bust size, so that might stand to reason.)

Between these and the Jaywalker that was too big, what on earth made me think I can do sized items for other people?? Blindly, no less! Okay, I know their shoe sizes, but hell, apparently I can't even make anything fit ME, and I've been trying them on as I go! Okay, so the Jaywalker was technically too long, and an easy fix, really. I should have tried the gusset and flap again, since I had to frog back anyway, but frustration got the best of me. The sleeves I have a very vague idea how to fix, but it means I probably won't get the sweater done before Christmas if I want to get these socks done. Hell, maybe I can wear the thing to Stitches West if I get it done in time =P

I really wanted to make my New Year's resolution of, well, if not an FO a month, at least twelve FO's this year. Pretty sure I'm not gonna make it, unless dishcloths count =P

Sorry for the rant. PMS'ing and I think I need some chocolate. And a nap.

Oh, and as a positive note, Casino Royale is pretty good, once you wrap your head around the idea that it is the first Bond story, even though it is set in modern times. It sets up a lot of the precedents (the martini, the famous "Bond, James Bond" line, etc.) Bro says it's pretty faithful to the book except for the poker instead of baccarat thing. I guess they figured that poker is more in tune with modern audiences than baccarat. Lots of action, not a lot of gizmos (unfortunately, I love the gizmos and Q), and I think I'm in love with the car. Even if it doesn't have rocket launchers. The new Bond isn't as hot as say, Pierce Brosnan (okay, so I like dark haired guys better than blonds), but he's got the most intense eyes! And he does play the part very well.

And Seussical production photos are up on the PCPA website. The pics are at the bottom of the page. The one of the Cat and JoJo at the top of the show is my favorite, and has become both my and my boss' wallpaper at work, but all of the pics turned out pretty true for once. I LOVE the amount of color that is in this show! It's just SO fun to see!

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AR said...

Oh, man, I hope you can fix your sleeves easily. I have long arms, too. I hate it when my wrists aren't covered by long sleeves! I think that's one of the reasons I keep putting off knitting a sweater. Fit!

p.s. Thanks about my livingroom walls, and there is a link to felting around soap on my post. I tried it, and it's really fun.