Thursday, November 30, 2006

I give up!

Okay, I don't, really, but y'know...when your hobby is not relaxing you, you do something else. I messed up the YO heel. I have no idea how. I don't really care how, at this point. So I put them down tonight and made a washcloth tonight for a quick FO hit. I might pick them up again in a day or so.

I ordered the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern and some WotA from KnitPicks to supplement some of the colors that are already in the stash. I'm making these instead. Everyone says they're quick knits, even for the larger sizes, and with the felting, they're far easier to size. I may not felt them until after I've given them at Christmas anyway, so that way I can felt them exactly to their feet. Mom's will be in Stream with Cloud trim, Dad's will be Fog with Mist trim, and Kelly's will be Fern with Wheat trim. That's my compromise.

I got cable installed this afternoon and have spent the evening working on the dishcloth and watching Animal Planet. I love Animal Planet. I also can't wait for this weekend - it's Harry Potter movie weekend on ABC (no, I ended up not watching them all last weekend, and I have no idea how exactly HP ties into the 25 days of Christmas, but I'm not arguing either) and have promises to get a sneak peek at the next movie. The trailer for it is awesome - I don't want to wait for next summer!


Amie said...

Oh, c'mon. Each HP takes place during a school year. What happens in the middle of the school year?


Therefore it's a Christmas movie.

Jeez, some people.... it's like you have to explain everything...

vi said...

spiced apple rings are HEAVENLY
in a cinnamon sugar syrup
they are wonderful......mmmmmmm


AR said...

Can't wait to see the clogs. I want to make some of those, someday.