Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We Made It

We left CA at 2:30p PDT on Monday. We staggered through my parents' front door at 1:00a CDT (11:00p PDT) Wednesday morning/Tuesday night. That, for the record, is 32.5 hours of driving. Straight through seven and a half states. (Okay, so only through the Texas panhandle, not the entire state). Ugh! It wasn't too bad, actually, although I'm very glad I'm not sitting in a car any longer. I got some work done on Dad's socks, but Murphy's Law struck again and I got stuck driving mostly during the daylight hours and it was too dark at night to see very well. I still did some work, but I have to go back and check it now. I think I have about an inch more until I start the heel gusset. I actually got more work done on the Left Over Log Cabin - garter stitch on slightly bigger needles was much much easier in the dark.

Now my brother is doing inventory of all his paintball stuff. I guess it's becoming a tradition to have lots of friends and family (okay, everyone and their brother, apparently) come over on Thanksgiving morning and have a huge paintball tournament. Even the "grownups" get involved. I've never played paintball in my life (an act of heresy according to my brother) and I think it sounds like fun, but I also really really wanted to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, so I'm a little torn. I'm trying to talk my mom into setting up a smaller tv out on one of the porches so during breaks we can watch it!

Gotta go learn to shoot a paintball gun now, I guess. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels!

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AR said...

Glad you got there safely, but watch out, those paint balls HURT!