Sunday, December 17, 2006

2006 Meme

Stolen from AR. Take the first sentence of the first post for each month of 2006. I need to work on opening sentences, wow! You might not even know this was a knitting blog!

January: I have enough sock yarn to make nine and a half pairs of socks this year for the Two Thousand and Socks! KAL RoseByAny (Amie) started over on the KR Forums.

February: Okay, so not really.

March: Just very busy, and don't have internet at home anymore.

April: Borrowed this meme from Cara. Looking down the list, I realize that I can't really think of any books that I WOULDN'T read.

May: Because she's wearing her Jaywalkers!

June: This makes me happy.

July: So Anna opened last night to very positive reviews.

August: I came home from rehearsal uncharacteristically hyper tonight.

September: Dames is OPEN!

October: Guess where I was today?!

November: No Halloween for me this year.

December: Real post to come later, hopefully with pics.

1 comment:

AR said...

I liked that one. It's weird how some of the sentences almost go together. Speaking of weird: You're tagged, come read my blog for details.