Friday, December 15, 2006

Some success?

The second of Kelly's slippers is almost done. I've been blah and unmotivated and have that almost-but-not-quite-sicky feeling most of this week, which I attribute to lack of sleep and PMS. I don't have much of a voice today, and I'm supposed to call the show tonight. I can do it, it just might be quieter than usual.

I finished another scrap on the Scrap Sock Yarn Log Cabin, as I was using it this week to teach one of my interns to knit. I find it is easiest to show a technique if you are working on something similar, rather than "Well, I'm knitting this so don't pay attention to what I am doing but do yours this way." I gave her some yarn and a pair of US 8 straights, and she's doing pretty well, for the first time she's ever knit. She really likes the look of ribbing, so I might teach her purling tonight. The other one is still in the process of learning entrelac, and I started another Danica that I can follow along with her on. This one is in leftover yarn from Becki's Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, and is only going to be used as a teaching tool and a scrap user upper. I figured out how she ended up with an odd looking garter stitch. Whoever had taught her to purl actually taught her how to twist a knit stitch, rather than an actual purl stitch. So I had to re-teach her to purl (hmm...remember when I realized that I was purling incorrectly? I could totally empathize with her frustration!) and she's had a little trouble with it, but she'll get it. I think she really likes the idea of short rows; she's started the base triangles on another project already.

I've been thinking about doing another sweater a lot lately. (Darn you, Amie!) I think I know the style I want to make. A long sleeved fitted turtleneck. In red. Because I don't have any red sweaters. I think I might actually know enough to attempt to do this on my own. Maybe. I may have to wait until after Stitches to figure out some of the shaping and decreases, but I can at least get it started, right? After I finish Rogue. In a fit of "oh my god I have to work on something other than slippers and socks" pique last night, I unseamed and frogged back one of the sleeves and added another two inches (12 rows) to the area before I start the sleeve cap. It was actually enormously satisfying. I think it should work fine. My plastic darning needles and scrap yarn pieces have come in awfully handy for lifelines lately. Thread up the needle with the scrap yarn, figure out what row you need to get back to, run the needle and yarn through that row, and frog. Much faster and neater than anything else I've done so far.

I have to leave Teddie for ten whole days while I go home for Christmas. I am going back and forth between boarding him and getting a pet sitter. It would cost about the same, either way. I'm concerned that if I board him, given that I got him from the shelter, that he would think I was abandoning him again, and if I had a sitter check on him, he could stay in his own home, with my scent and stuff around. The pro for boarding is that he would get a LOT more attention there than if I left him at home, even if the sitter checked on him every day, and he loves his attention. Suggestions?

Oh, and check out the Yarn Harlot's new Knitters Without Borders post. It's pretty darn cool. I wonder if there is a way to use Paypal to make a donation, since that is where my "stash" money is?


Knittinreed said...

Hope you are feeling better. we have been swamped with Nutcrackers and Messiahs - and I am pretty tired and cranky too.

Good for you teaching your intern to knit!! Cool!

I like your tree and stockings (a few entries back). They look great!

AR said...

Hope you feel better! Teaching other people to knit is so great! Yay, you!

Amie said...

I'd leave him home. He might get more "attention" from a boarding place, but think about how long it took him to warm up to you - he won't want attention from strangers. If you can have a few folks visit frequently he'll likely do better than if you take him to a boarder.

Either way, do not be insulted if he's royally ticked at you when you get home. He'll likely be a real jerk to you, or completely ignore you for a day or so. He'll get over it, I swear.

Kathleen C. said...

I suggest leaving Teddie at home. Only my opinion, but I think he'll do better with the just occassional attention in his own territory, feeling safe and secure, than a lot of attention in a unknown place that smells wrong with strangers all around him.
But hey... maybe he's been dreaming of a week at the spa and waiting for this his whole life? Never can tell with cats!
But, either way it soundslike he'll be well taken care of. And he will be glad to see you back. Though he may not let you know at first.